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What If America Were a Christian Nation Again?

Title   What If America Were a Christian Nation Again?

Binding/Format   Paperback

Condition   Used: Very Good

Size   9.1 x 5.9 x 0.9 inches

Publisher/Vendor   US Thomas Nelson

ISBN/UPC Number    0785260676 / 9780785260677

Seller ID   0785260676VG

List Price $14.99

In this sweeping analysis of America from its inception to the present day--and into the future--Dr. D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe challenge many of today's beliefs, which have strayed from those of our founding fathers and are impacting each American's life in hidden, insidious ways. Beliefs like: There are no absolutes. All truth is relative...Kennedy asks, "if this is so, how dare we say that the Nazis were wrong for killing millions of people? And if there are no absolutes, there is no God, because God is the ultimate absolute. This belief is veiled, cloaked atheism." Thomas Jefferson advocated that religion be separated from the state... The real Thomas Jefferson was not a poster child for the ACLU, Kennedy shows, but a president who required that oaths be sworn on the Bible, a president who allowed government property and facilities to be used for worship, and a president who exempted churches from taxation. The real Thomas Jefferson is the ACLU's worst nightmare. Gaming (known for centuries as gambling and now renamed by its proponents) is a harmless sport...Yet some 60 million Americans are adversely affected by the 12 to 15 million gambling addicts in this country. Kennedy asks, "Why not return to the economic principles that made Americans great, which can be found in the Bible: don't steal; don't covet; if you want to eat, you must work; and be generous with your goods to help your family, your neighbor, and the poor?" Islam is a religion of peace...The teaching of jihad is imbedded in the Koran, and fanatical Muslims define jihad as "holy war." Kennedy reminds us: "Mohammed said that people were to give their sons for Allah. The Bible says that God gave His Son for you and me."

Price = 5.24 USD 3.93 USD 

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